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The Bold and the Beautiful
August 25, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Donna asks a jailed Owen how he can expect her to believe his claim that he lied about poisoning Eric.

He points out how inconsistent it is that he would have urged her to keep Eric on life support after supposedly trying to kill him.

Donna still can't believe and is taken aback when he claims he confessed because he loves her.

When he mentions that her room was ransacked that one night, she realizes that he could be right and suddenly announces that he shouldn't be there because he's innocent.

He pleads with her to call someone to take her home because the person who tried to frame her is still out there. As they wait by Eric's hospital bed, Stephanie tells Rick that this is her fault.

He reminds her that Owen confessed but she claims he's not responsible. After Rick leaves, Stephanie pulls up close to Eric and promises him that she will find the person responsible for this and make them pay dearly.

When her sister tells her that Eric was poisoned, Pam quickly guesses that Donna is responsible but Stephanie claims that Owen is working with Donna. Pam agrees and boasts that she has proof of how close Donna and Owen are.

Charlie asks his dad why he keeps reading over Owen's confession.

Katie asks Nick to have faith that she knows what she's doing and guesses that Bridget will be happy to help raise it. She assures Nick that she will be happy just being close to him and the baby.

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