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The Bold and the Beautiful
Tuesday, July 26
Episode Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Lt. Baker brings Stephanie to Owen and demands to know the entire story. He reminds her that he confessed to poisoning Eric but she asks him to admit that he is working with Donna.

He denies it and takes full responsibility for trying to kill Eric. When she asks why he planted the drugs in her lingerie drawer, he's unable to answer but then boasts that he regrets that Eric is still alive.

After taking a moment, Stephanie accuses him of trying to protect Donna and vows to make them both pay. At the cabana Marcus worries to Steffy what Owen might have done to his mother if he hadn't been stopped.

Steffy confesses to Marcus that she is lucky to have him in her life. He points out that after finding his mother, he's thrilled to have found Steffy too.

Brooke is taken aback when Donna claims that she now believes that Owen had nothing to do with what happened to Eric. Brooke warns her about falling for his lies but Donna claims he's in jail because he cares too much for her.

Pam interrupts and tells Donna that she should be behind bars with her partner, Owen. Ignoring her, Donna demands that Pam help her find the person who drugged her husband but Pam asks why she's trying to free Owen.

Donna claims he convinced her he's innocent but Pam accuses her of trying to frame someone else so that she and Owen can get away with their scheme.

With Pam gone, Brooke urges Donna to reconsider trusting Owen but Donna suddenly announces that she knows who hurt Eric.

Beth is relieved when Stephen claims that Eric has no power over him anymore. She responds that she needs him back in her life and he kisses her.

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