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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
Weds., July 27

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Donna announces to Brooke that she knows it was Stephanie who tried to kill Eric. Brooke doesn't believe her nor does Marcus when he hears the claim.

Insisting that Owen is innocent, Donna explains that Stephanie might be unbalanced after losing Eric to her. As Marcus and Brooke leave, Stephanie arrives and admits she just confronted her partner in jail.

Donna accuses Stephanie of poisoning Eric and asks why she had to use him to seek her revenge against her. Stephanie ignores the claim and vows to prove that she is in cahoots with Owen.

Ridge confronts Owen in jail and asks if it was worth destroying a family to try to steal Eric's weather. Owen claims he is deeply sorry for what happened.

Later, Marcus confronts Owen about lying to convince his mother that he's innocent
. Owen warns him to watch his mother because the "sicko" who is responsible will come after Donna again.

After revealing he visited Owen earlier, Ridge is taken aback when Brooke reveals that Donna thinks Stephanie is responsible for Eric's heart attack.

Donna returns home and is unaware that a mystery person is watching her.

As she relaxes with a glass of wine and cries as she pages through a photo album, the black-gloved person uses a key to enter the mansion and then shuts off the power.

Donna panics, calling out to see who is there. Hearing nothing, she reaches for the light switch but is grabbed from behind and choked.

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