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The Bold and the Beautiful
August 4, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Donna panics when she enters Eric's room and finds he's been placed on a respirator. When Bridget asks about her "condition," Katie eyes Dr. Patrick and announces that she's healthy and there is no sign of rejection.

After Bridget leaves, Dr. Patrick orders Katie to meet with an obstetrician as soon as possible, warning that hers is not a typical pregnancy.

Katie remembers her time with Nick on the island. When Bridget finds her crying later, she pleads with her to tell her what's wrong but Katie asks her to leave.

Bridget then runs to Eric's room and explains to Donna why they had to put him on a the respirator to improve his breathing.

Both women start crying as Bridget describes how Eric's condition is going to get progressively worse.

When Bridget won't confirm that he's not going to make it, Donna states that she is not going to give up on him coming back to her.

Dr. Caspary confirms for Katie and Dr. Patrick that she is pregnant.

Dr. Patrick explains further that a pregnancy can have drastic effects on a transplant patient. As the truth sinks in, Katie starts to hyperventilate and almost passes out.

When she feels better, Katie gets Dr. Caspary to confirm that birth defects are possible. Jackie questions Nick again about his mixed feelings for Katie and Bridget.

Katie then calls Nick and asks him to meet her at the Shady Marlin.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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