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The Bold and the Beautiful - 8/8/08
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Bridget confides to Nick that she can't stop thinking that Eric's life is fading every minute. When she mentions the idea of asking Katie to be Jack's godmother, Nick suggests that it's not a good idea.

When she wonders why he doesn't want to talk, he claims to be worried about her. She comments on how he was tossing and turning last night in his sleep but he again insists he's just worried about her.

At Eric's bedside, Ridge and Brooke get confirmation from Dr. Patrick that Bridget's prognosis was accurate.

He advises them that they can remove the respirator and perform a tracheotomy to accomplish a long-term solution to keeping oxygen flowing to his brain.

Once Brooke leaves the room, Ridge cries to his father that he can't stand to see him like this. When he asks Eric for a sign that he's okay, Ridge imagines hearing Eric tell him that he's ready to go.

Ridge again asks for him to reassure him but Eric claims he's tired and asks Ridge to "let me go."

When Brooke returns, he claims that he felt Eric's presence, asking him to end things. After she leaves again, Ridge asks his father what he should do if he's unable to do as Eric is asking.

He imagines hearing Eric again asking him to let him go home. Kissing his forehead, Ridge starts crying as he wrestles with the task of switching off the respirator.

Saying goodbye, Ridge hits the switch and Eric's breathing stops.

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