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Brooke's taken aback when Ridge admits he'd like Rick to go back to Europe to work. He insists that she convince him to make the move.

Stephanie's not happy to find Rick at her door.

Though he calls himself "scum," he claims what he has done is nowhere near as bad as all she has done to hurt his mother.

Stephanie points out that at least Brooke is still alive. As he walks out, Stephanie warns him that for the rest of his life, he will know that it's his fault that Phoebe is dead.

Later, Brooke asks her son to step down as Forrester President and accept his old job and go back to Europe. Rick blasts her for taking Ridge's side but she insists this is what she wants too.

Blasting him for using a hidden camera to watch him with Donna, Owen tells Eric that he went after her because of the way Eric was treating her.

When Eric demands to know who would hire models to fool him, Owen suddenly opens the door to reveal Thorne snooping.

Thorne admits he did this but claims it was to save his life as his family members once did for him. Outraged, Eric runs off but first thanks Owen for telling him the truth.

Thorne chastises Owen for ruining his hopes for his family but Owen only wishes that Eric makes it to Donna in time. As her plane finally takes off, Donna is amazed to find Eric has slipped onboard.

He confesses that he had a surveillance camera set up in Owen's office to prove that she was going to cheat on him.

He goes on to reveal that he saw her with her hands all over Owen one day but just found out that it was actually two people paid to fool him.

Eric asks her to forgive him for not trusting her.

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