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As Taylor welcomes Phoebe home, she boasts that it will be a lot easier now that she's no longer sharing a bed with Rick. Seeing her mother's reaction, Phoebe reminds her it's painful to know they were together.

Taylor apologizes and claims that she'll regret her decision to be with Rick for the rest of her life.

Ridge insists to Brooke that because he is not accepting of their marriage plans, Rick is not welcome at tonight's party. But when Phoebe calls to admit she's in town for his party, Ridge reluctantly allows Brooke to go talk with Rick.

But when Brooke approaches her son and asks him to accept her decision to marry Ridge, Rick vows never to approve of such a marriage.

Boasting that she and Ridge have learned from their past mistakes, Brooke announces that because he's not on board with the wedding, this is his problem now and warns that she will not be stopped by him or Stephanie.

But as she claims she'll miss him tomorrow, Rick stops her from leaving and admits that he just wants her to be happy.

He then agrees to be there for her. Meanwhile, after Ridge and Phoebe are reunited, she offers to sing a song she wrote for him tomorrow.

Ridge confirms for Taylor that he and Brooke are getting married tomorrow. Sensing how upset she is, Ridge agrees to come over often to spend time with her and the kids. He assures her he'll always love her.

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