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Finding her father is back from telling Taylor that Phoebe has died, Steffy regrets she didn't accompany him so she could help him. Ridge promises they will treasure her always.

Steffy describes the pain she felt during the party and guesses that's when her twin died. After she asks if she can see her sister one more time, Ridge takes her to the morgue.

There, Steffy is crying as she realizes her sister was wearing her bracelet and the hair clip Ridge gave her.

Sobbing, Steffy asks her father for a moment alone with her sister and says an emotionally goodbye to Phoebe.

When she asks for a sign that she understands and gets none, Steffy realizes the reality of the situation.

In a state of shock, a disbelieving Stephanie asks Rick how it came to be that her granddaughter is dead.

Brooke tries to calm her but Stephanie asks him again and again until she's screaming. Brooke stops her and insists she will find no answers here.

After Stephanie leaves, Rick again tells his mother that he never should have left the parking lot with Phoebe.

Stephanie arrives and Ridge describes how horrible it was to hold his own daughter in his arms and watch her die.

Stephanie wonders allowed if it was an accident.

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