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Over breakfast, Katie (Heather Tom) urges Storm to consider returning to Europe but he doesn't want to leave his new therapist. Admitting he's learning how to understand their father, Storm boasts that he owes it all to Stephanie. Once Storm leaves, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) explains to Brooke and Katie that once Eric spends time with Stephanie and leaves her again, she and Eric (John McCook) will then be able to be together without anymore problems from Stephanie. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Katie doubt it.

At a Forrester meeting, Thorne and Ridge encourage Eric to believe he has made the right choice in moving back home with their mother. Stephanie boasts that she intends to win back his heart and keep it. Donna calls and asks Eric to meet her at their "love nest." Once Eric leaves, Ridge questions his mom and claims that he senses Eric's heart's not into the reconciliation. Stephanie counters that it takes time. Brooke rushes in for the meeting and faces off with Stephanie who says Donna is faking her sex addiction.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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