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Brooke informs Ridge about Taylor leaving Nick and that she is concerned because Taylor left Baby Jack behind. Ridge (Ronn Moss) insists to Brooke that this is not Brooke’s problem and she knows his position on the issue. Brooke states to Ridge that Jack needs a mother right now. Ridge asks Brooke if she thinks of herself as Jack’s mother. Brooke confesses to Katie about how Nick had asked her to leave Ridge.

Katie is taken aback by this and recommends that Brooke stick with Ridge. Bridget (Ashley Jones) pays Nick a visit and becomes emotional at seeing his interaction with Baby Jack. Brooke is reminded of how life would've been if Nicole had survived. Nick informs Bridget of Taylor leaving him and his proposition to Brooke. Later during a visit, Nick reiterates his feelings to Brooke. Brooke knows what she has to do.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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