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PART ONE: Donna denies that Eric is there, a quick glance at the window gives Stephanie the idea he's hiding. As she tries to open the window, a naked Eric stands on the ledge out of sight. When she finally gets the window open, Stephanie fails to see him. Donna tries to kick her out but Stephanie reveals she hired a private detective who followed Eric to the motel room. She also reveals that she counted Eric's supply of "pills" and knows that he's been using. Donna insists that Eric doesn't need any enhancements...

PART TWO: Donna urges Stephanie to work on getting Eric to love her again and then orders her to get out. Rocky spots Eric on the ledge and snaps some photos. He then emails them to a newspaper editor who decides to run them on the front page tomorrow. as Stephanie leaves, Donna rushes to the window and helps Eric back inside. After Ridge brings the kids home, Katie runs to confront Nick and warns that he can't be in Brooke's life anymore. Announcing that it's time they rediscover each other, Ridge takes Brooke to bed and says his mother hired a private detective to follow Eric...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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