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On the phone with Donna, Eric assures her that they are in the clear. When Stephanie brings tea, Eric hangs up and tells his ex-wife that he went to see Donna last night with a Valentine present and was shown the door. He's startled to see the photo of himself naked on the ledge gracing the front page of the newspaper's Style section. He hides the photo from Stephanie and then seeks Ridge's help. On the Forrester jet while Eric's on the phone, a flight attendant gives Stephanie (Susan Flannery) the newspaper.

Stephanie is outraged by the photo and being deceived by Eric.

She points out how he's humiliated himself and their family, making them the "laughing stock of this town." He makes no apology for what he's done and announces their relationship's over - he wants to be with Donna. Katie (Heather Tom) gives Donna grief for failing to show for the family meeting. Donna gasps at the pic, Katie grabs the paper and is equally shocked, calling her sister idiotic. When Storm (William deVry) arrives, she urges him to head to Europe today to be with their father.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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