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Stephanie (Susan Flannery) is outraged and deeply hurt by Eric. Eric confesses that Donna informed him about Stephanie blackmailing the Logans. Stephanie pleads with Eric and explains that she has done nothing but try to change who she is. Eric scoffs at Stephanie knowing that she hasn’t changed a bit. Ridge shows Brooke the newspaper with Eric’s naked pic on it. Brooke fesses up about Stephanie blackmailing the family.

Ridge (Ronn Moss) becomes upset because Brooke hadn’t told him about Storm shooting Stephanie. Katie runs in and asks Ridge to help save their family from Stephanie. Ridge is very unsympathetic and insists that since Storm did the crime, he must do the time. Later, Stephanie visits Donna and informs her that she had her chance to abide by the deal, but Donna has just cost Storm his freedom.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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