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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 2/26/2008

PART ONE: Brooke tells Nick that Taylor is not stable enough to handle Jack. Brooke pleads with Nick to help her find a way to stop her from taking the baby. Nick does admit that Taylor is Jack's mother and should spend time with him but adds that he wants Jack to have the father he didn't. Brooke considers the idea of them being together but then boasts that this is her last chance to be with Ridge so that R.J. has both parents.

PART TWO: Ashley suggests calling her perfume "eau de let's get busy." Rick tells Ashley that he's going to check on Taylor now that she's moved out and is on her own. Ridge advises Taylor that he thinks she did the right thing to dump Nick and move out. He's also glad that she's bringing Jack home today which gets Taylor to guess he was concerned about Brooke getting closer to Nick.

PART THREE: Taylor warns Ridge he's fooling himself if he thinks that Brooke has no desire to be with Nick. When she mentions how grateful she is for her new friendship with Rick, Ridge reminds her of what he did to Phoebe last year. Taylor insists he's a good friend. Later, when Rick stops by and urges her to reconsider bringing Jack home with her, Taylor insists that her son deserves to be with his mother.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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