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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 2-27-2008

PART 1: Stephanie approaches Ashley in the lab and learns about her work on the unisex aphrodisiac cologne. Ashley also gushes that she's going after Rick. Stephanie asks about rekindling her relationship with Ridge and points out that his plans to marry Brooke have been put off. Ashley confesses that she's actually interested in Rick but tires of her lecturing and boasts that she'll go out with whomever she wants to date.

PART 2: Rick accompanies Taylor to see Nick and pick up Jack. Nick gets Brooke to admit that she loves him and though she claims she always will, Brooke also states that she can't be with him. Finding Brooke standing next to Nick, Taylor remarks that she's not surprised to find Brooke there and wonders if Ridge knows. Brooke claims she's there to protect Jack but Taylor lashes out, warning her not to tell her what she can and can't do with Jack. She also again accuses Brooke of enlisting Bridget's help in switching eggs at the lab.

PART 3: Nick asks her to stop and states that they all agree that the baby is Taylor and Nick's. Taylor insists she doesn't want Brooke anywhere near her son. Rick assures Nick and Brooke that Taylor has worked hard to get to the point where he thinks she can take care of Jack. After Nick reluctantly allows them to take Jack home with them, Brooke pleads with Nick to go back and get their son to keep him safe from Taylor in case she starts drinking again. Nick decides to let him stay the night but tells Brooke he will have his son home.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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