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PART 1: Nick (Jack Wagner) tells Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) he still has feelings for her. However, he also admits his intention to follow through on his commitment to Taylor and reminds her that Taylor got pregnant for his sake. He decides that he must tell Taylor how he feels about Brooke but she orders him not to. Nick tells her he won't live a lie and adds that he'll always love her.

PART 2: Taylor's nightmare continues as her vision of Brooke boasts that she intends to take Jack and Nick from her. James returns and hears her crying out for help in stopping Brooke. Taylor admits that she's been imagining Brooke and doesn't know what's wrong with her. When she reveals she's not sure if she wants Nick back, James states that she needs to know what Nick feels about Brooke and be ready to walk.

PART 3: Taylor rants about how Bridget (Ashley Jones) was involved in what happened with the pregnancy but he urges her to stop thinking about that and concentrate on getting better. Nick interrupts and, after she sends James out, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) asks for the truth. Rick reminds Bridget of all that Taylor is going through because of what she did in the lab. She knows what it's like to lose Nick.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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