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PART ONE: Donna (Jennifer Gareis) admits to Eric that she can't believe how forgiving he's been. He says her interest in any other man has got to end and promises he will help her. Bridget rushes in to make sure Jack is okay and finds Jackie admitting that Nick told her Brooke is the baby's father. Jackie goes on to explain that the lab mistake was a blessing in disguise. Jackie asks for her help reuniting them ....

PART TWO: Bridget (Ashley Jones) claims she no longer thinks Brooke and Nick are meant to be together. Taylor presses Nick to agree that Brooke should not have taken their baby. She admits how mortified she is that she considered drinking again but asks if she has his support. When Nick admits that he doesn't know if he can trust Taylor anymore, she asks if he wants her to end their relationship so he can go back to Brooke. Nick wants their family to be together as long as she loves their baby.

PART THREE: Brooke tells Ridge (Ronn Moss) about her incident with Taylor and leaks that she's drinking again. Shocked to hear about Taylor, Ridge asks her to back off and suggests that her intrusion is making the matter worse. Brooke insists she was just protecting her son but Ridge tells her that Jack is not her son. Brooke counters that the baby knows he is a part of her. Ridge adamantly states that he cannot be a part of their lives and asks her to forget about him. He asks her to let the baby go.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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