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Nick assures Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) that she doesn't have to apologize for what she did. He made a commitment to Taylor to be her husband and the father of their baby. When Brooke asks if he trusts Taylor, Nick says he will keep an eye on her. Bridget arrives and finds them together. She chastises them for being together and wonders aloud what Taylor would think if she had seen them holding hands.

After Nick leaves, Bridget lectures her mother that she can't be with Nick. Holding the baby, Jackie helps Taylor as she goes through some things she wants to get rid of. Jackie guesses she's trying to remove anything left over from Nick's relationship with Brooke. Taylor explains that she just wants to make the home theirs, not Nick and Brooke's but Jackie claims she won't be able to get rid of everything...

Rick arrives. When he eyes Jack and announces he is the "spitting image" of his mother, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) has another panic attack. After she calms down, Taylor confides that Brooke's egg was accidentally used to create Jack. He admits he's not surprised, based on his mother's schemes to win Ridge. He tells Brooke and Bridget and asks if they schemed to switch eggs. Brooke decides that she's got to save that baby...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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