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PART I: Thrilled to see photos of him with Brooke from their happier days, Jackie urges her son to put them away so his off-balance wife won't find them. She encourages him to choose to be with Brooke - who urges Taylor to realize she can be a good mother to Jack and claims that they are all going to be affected by her actions. Brooke insists she is not now nor has she ever been a threat.

PART II: When Taylor returns home and finds Jackie holding Jack again, she accuses her of thinking she's not "equipped" to be a good mother. Jackie claims she's mistaken if she thinks that Brooke is going to give up on being Jack's mother. The two argue until Taylor forces her to leave. Alone, Taylor imagines Brooke is suddenly with the baby and tells herself that Brooke is not here and does not exist.

PART III: Taylor imagines  Brooke climbing on top of Nick in their bedroom and screams at her to leave her alone. Seeing Brooke and Jack everywhere, Taylor rushes to the liquor cabinet in the living room and takes a huge drink. She's relieved to see all her visions are now gone and keeps drinking. Meanwhile, Jack brings the photos to Brooke and learns about Taylor's response to her text message.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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