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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Recap

January 31, 2008

Part I

When Ashley stops by the house to see Jack, she's taken aback when Taylor asks her to be her son's godmother. Taylor admits she feels a kinship with her because of her problems with Brooke so Ashley agrees. Taylor gushes about her dinner guests and how Brooke and Ridge are going to have a night to remember. Ridge advises Brooke that while he wants nothing to do with Nick, he thinks the dinner with him and Taylor is a good idea. Nick later urges Brooke to cancel but she refuses ...

Part II

After both reveal the secret about Jack's conception, Ashley astounds Rick with the news that Taylor is throwing a dinner party for Ridge and Brooke. Nick is nervous as Brooke and Ridge arrive for dinner. Taylor claims this is the start of something wonderful. After a toast, Taylor thanks Brooke for giving her a son, then announces that she has a special surprise. As they ask what it is, Taylor answers the door and brings in a reverend who Taylor reveals is going to marry Ridge and Brooke tonight ...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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