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PART I: Felicia (Lesli Kay) finds Stephanie surprisingly upbeat about her marriage even though Eric just gave her divorce papers. Stephanie claims she's not going to lose Eric but Felicia warns that he just proposed to Donna (Jennifer Gareis). Stephanie points out that she has to sign the divorce papers first and then Eric (John McCook) has to wait six months before he can marry again.

PART II: After arguing with Brooke, a crying Donna stops by the station house to see her father who claims he's never going to go along with anything that Stephanie wants. He insists he'll go to jail to protect Stephen and to insure that she can be with Eric. Donna then heads to the Forrester mansion where a smug Stephanie (Susan Flannery) lays out a "quid pro quo."

PART III: Donna assures her that she knows she is supposed to end things with Eric and never see him again but admits she hasn't decided yet. She goes on to tell her rival that she is not just a dumb sex kitten and that she can take her "quid pro quo" and shove it.

PART IV: Nick (Jack Wagner) doesn't believe it and is forced to admit that Brooke was donating her eggs in the first place to see if they could have a baby. An outraged Taylor (Hunter Tylo) guesses that Brooke enlisted Bridget's (Ashley Jones) help in making the switch - and complains that Brooke is always going to be a part of their lives ... because of Jack.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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