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Sending Pam to check on suppliers, Owen tries to calm Donna. She is curious when she watches Owen flirt with Bridget, and after Owen leaves, Donna guesses that Bridget isn't dating anyone right now.

When Bridget questions the idea of showing up unannounced, Donna hands her the red bikini Pam dropped off earlier and invites her to go have some fun.

Owen goes out for a swim first before he allows Pam to use him to give her some new design ideas.

When Bridget arrives wearing only her coat over the skimpy bikini, Owen is surprised. Seeing the table set for a candle-lit dinner for two, Bridget mistakenly assumes he's "involved" and runs off, embarrassed.

Pointing out the lack of time they've had for themselves, Marcus convinces Steffy to go up to Big Bear with him.

Marcus seeks advice from Donna about his relationship with Steffy.

Unable to get him off her mind, Steffy asks Rick if there is any way that they can be together. He reminds her of his promise to Ridge but she asks why they can't keep their relationship a secret.

Bridget returns to Forrester and spots them kissing.

Talking about all that Ridge is going through after Phoebe's death, Katie's concerned when she finds Nick is distant and then curtly won't allow her to use his laptop.

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