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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 1, 2008 Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Brooke is shocked to find Beth at her house. Beth defends her decision to leave town tomorrow but Brooke insists it's the family's time to take care of her after all of her years of caring for them.

Beth admits she doesn't know why she ended up at the mansion but is glad to see Hope. Beth again insists that she is leaving tomorrow but Brooke argues that she can't.

Stephen bemoans that he was unable to help her in Paris.

Beth vows that she will not be a burden to her family but Brooke asks her not to cut them from her life. Katie updates Nick on Beth's health issues.

When Bridget interrupts, Katie advises her that Beth may be in the early stages of dementia. After Katie thanks Nick for bringing her mother back, she watches in agony as Nick and Bridget kiss.

Ridge complains to Phoebe that Steffy didn't tell him that Marcus is Donna's son. He wonders where her loyalty is and then badmouths Donna again for hiding her secret from the family.

Phoebe makes things worse when she mentions catching her sister with Marcus at the club the other night. She urges her dad to back off but Ridge claims that he can't.

Marcus suggests to Steffy that they go out to the Bikini Beach again but when she hesitates, he invites her to go bowling with him. She accepts the offer and makes it a challenge as to who is the better bowler.

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