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The Bold and the Beautiful
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Felicia finds Owen sunning himself at the Forrester rooftop and confronts him about seeking his help. Insisting that Donna ruined her parents' marriage, Felicia seeks his help getting Donna to betray Eric, especially since he'll be traveling quite a bit during the next few months.

She asks him to do this and then report back with the proof she needs to end Donna's marriage. He doesn't go along with her thought process and points out Eric will be hurt by what she's done. She offers him $100,000 to do this job for her buy he claims he's not a home wrecker.

Felicia then doubles her offer and he accepts. Having stopped the ceremony, Katie explains why she can't officiate and ends up telling everyone that she can tell how much Bridget loves Nick.

After her speech, Bridget and then Nick state their vows and are married. While everyone congratulates the happy bride and groom, Katie sits alone and remarks to herself how alone she is.

However, she also states that she knows that she can move on now and that she will love them both to her "dying day." Marcus thanks Bridget for including him today and she wishes him nothing but happiness with his mother.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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