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The Bold and the Beautiful
Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful: Trying to back out of their deal, Owen guesses to Felicia that Donna truly loves Eric because of all the grief she's put up with Felicia's family.

Felicia reminds him she's paying him a lot of money but he promises he won't tell anyone what she offered. Felicia guesses that he's "got the hots" for Donna but he urges her to accept Donna's marriage.

As Ridge and Donna argue about Eric's sudden return from his meeting with the European buyers, Brooke tells Donna that it was a prudent decision not to allow Donna to go with him.

Eric arrives and admits that the buyers placed small orders but insists Donna had nothing to do with this. When Eric asks for a solution to this problem, Ridge announces that he and Brooke are getting married.

He also reveals that he's calling an emergency board meeting tomorrow and asks Eric to turn over control of Forrester to him and Brooke. Donna is outraged but Brooke defends their decision.

Ridge hands Eric a document that would gift the company to him and Brooke and suggests they play it up as a wedding present. Donna starts arguing but Eric announces that there will be no meeting tomorrow.

He wants to work this out now with Ridge. During their argument, Eric gets a call from Paris and a major client whose order is 30% less than last year's. Ridge then turns on the pressure, urging Eric to pass the baton to him.

Ridge tells him this must be done now. After some thought, Eric agrees. Out in the corridor, Donna accuses Brooke of betraying her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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