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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke guesses to Katie that now that their mother knows how much she is wanted here, she'll cancel her trip back to Paris.

Donna arrives and suggests that they figure out a way to remind Beth about their memories. The three put together a list of "ways to bring mom's memories back."

Meanwhile, remembering the song from Brooke's music box, Beth is unsettled by a memory from her past. Stephen brings her some coffee and snaps her out of it.

She describes the empty space she feels and wonders why this happened to her. Beth then announces that she's decided to go back to Paris.

Stephen pleads with her not to break their daughters' hearts. Brooke hears them arguing and is upset to learn about her decision.

Katie and Donna join in and ask her to let them help her. Admitting how scared she is, Beth starts crying and finally tells them that she wants to stay with them.

After Marcus assures a few of his fellow workers that he intends to remain in shipping, Rick pulls him aside and asks why he failed to tell anyone about being Donna's son.

Steffy blasts Phoebe for telling a private conversation to Ridge. Phoebe warns her to forget about trying to date Marcus because Ridge won't allow it.

Steffy finds Rick facing off with an apologetic Marcus and asks him to back off. Later, Steffy suggests Marcus not worry about her father. A stranger from Marcus' past arrives at Forrester.

He finds Marcus and introduces himself as Owen Knight, the private investigator who found the very rich Donna for him.

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