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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 7/24/08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Ridge is upset when an attorney confirms that Donna does have control while Eric is incapacitated. She warns him that his hopes for running Forrester depend on Eric pulling through.

Ridge urges Brooke to convince Donna that he's not making a power play and only wants what is best for this faltering company.

After she talks about Ridge's reaction to her announcement, Owen's guilt-ridden when Donna thanks him for always being there for her.

Brooke interrupts and argues with her sister about Eric changing his mind about giving Ridge and her the company.

Brooke warns that Eric may not come out of this in any shape to run the company but Donna insists she is acting on her husband's behalf.

She asks her sister to confirm that she understands this.

Instead, Brooke argues that Ridge is already turning the company around and that the entire fashion industry knows it.

Out in the hall, Felicia chastises Owen for failing to do as she ordered and warns that she's not through with Donna.

Owen returns to the office where he stands at the door and listens to Brooke pressuring Donna to use her Power of Attorney to transfer ownership as planned so that she can concentrate of Eric recuperating.

Donna decides to do as her sister has asked. While Brooke runs to give Ridge the good news, Owen steps in and confesses that Felicia offered him a lot of money to break up her marriage by seducing her.

Donna is outraged by his betrayal. After urging her not to trust the family, he starts to leave to pack his things but she asks him to stay and be on her team to help her do what must be done.

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