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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 29 Recap

On today's The Bold and the Beautiful:

After warning Owen that the kiss was out of line and can never happen again, Donna advises Marcus about her decision to fire Ridge, Thorne and Felicia. When she puts him in charge of shipping, Marcus wonders if she made a good decision so Donna reveals Felicia's effort to bribe Owen.

He thinks she should have fired Owen too but she defends her assistant. Later, Steffy barges into Donna's office and complains to Marcus about what Donna has done. He agrees that she's not acting rationally and admits he's worried about his mother.

Marcus then admits his concern for Owen because he's around his mother "24/7." The two do research on Owen on the Internet as Marcus guesses he came to town because of Donna.

When Steffy starts complaining again, Marcus impulsively kisses her and asks that they not allow this to come between them.

Returning from his "drive to clear my head," Ridge learns about Brooke's failed attempt to get Donna to change her mind and warns her that Donna's made the biggest mistake she'll ever make.

Finding Owen in her bedroom with her lingerie thrown about the room, Donna is shocked. He explains he heard a noise upstairs but thinks the intruder left.

Finding her wedding photo smashed, Donna guesses it was one of the kids. Owen offers to stay in the guest house but she nervously turns down the offer.

After more talk about her fear of losing Eric, Donna decides to have a drink. Owen stops her and holds her, suggesting that she needs sleep instead.

Leaving her to cry herself to sleep, Owen opts to sleep outside her door. As he does so, he receives a text message asking when he's returning to San Diego and tells himself "never."

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