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The Bold and the Beautiful
Thursday, July 3

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Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric welcomes Stephanie to his office and introduces her to Tim, a recent hire.

Felicia and Thorne accompany Stephanie and show Eric the latest issue of a fashion magazine that features Marcus on the front cover.

Eric insists it's not the disaster they think it is but Felicia claims it hurts. She asks if they matter to him anymore while Thorne claims he is belittling him and Ridge.

Sending the kids out, Stephanie tells Eric he did the right thing to embrace Marcus but adds that it doesn't make her feel good to see their children angry with him. When Marcus insists that he's grateful he found his mother for him, Owen asks "how grateful."

Reminding him that he hired him to do a job and now he must pay him. Marcus denies that he has a trust fund but Owen demands the $2500 fee plus a bonus. Brooke pesters Katie to explain her relationship with Nick.

Katie insists they are just friends and states that she owes Bridget so much for all that she did for her. Putting Jack to bed, Bridget returns to Nick and kisses him passionately.

Katie later asks Nick to get back to his real life and pushes him to be with Bridget because that's who he deserves to have in his life.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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