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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 30, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Before she heads to the office, Donna stops by to see Eric at the hospital. Bridget gives her an update that there has been no change in his condition.

Bridget then chastises her for firing Eric's children but Donna insists she's protecting her husband.

Pushing Brooke to go to work to keep an eye on things, Ridge tells her that he actually admires Donna for trying to protect Eric.

When Brooke arrives, she finds Donna struggling with the staff and warns her that it s not going to be easy.

Donna asks for her help until Eric comes back and can decide for himself. At the office, Pam finds Owen preparing Donna's desk and reminds him that Eric is still the Forrester CEO.

Owen welcomes Donna to the office and encourages her to believe that she did the right thing to fire Ridge and his siblings.

When Marcus arrives, Donna embraces him and then lets slip about the break-in last night in her bedroom.

Marcus is curious that Owen didn't call the police and, after his mother leaves, Marcus questions Owen's reasons for accepting Felicia's offer in the first place.

He warns Owen that he doesn't like him hanging around his mother but Owen reminds him he wouldn't know her if it wasn't for her.

Owen then boasts that he's crazy about Donna.

When Donna returns, Marcus forces Owen to confess he has feelings for her. Marcus then tells his mother to have a big check cut for Owen so that he can go back to San Diego and stay out of their lives.

He orders him to go pack but Owen won't leave until Donna tells him to go.

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