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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 4, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Marcus is disgusted to see Owen chatting with a couple of models on the Forrester roof. He urges him to get going but when Donna arrives, Owen introduces himself as the man who reunited her with Marcus.

She thanks him as a curious Felicia watches them talk. With Marcus gone, Owen convinces Donna that she owes him for bringing her son to him.

Bridget is taken aback when Nick fills the living room with flowers and announces that he wants to ask her to marry him.

Guessing someone has been talking with him, Bridget claims this isn't the right time because Katie's still living there.

She also says the last time they got engaged to prove something and so now, she's perfectly willing to wait for the right time.

Nick suggests that she's afraid to commit to him. Upstairs, Brooke faces off with Katie about hiding her feelings for Nick.

Katie insists the "moment" is gone but Brooke vows to protect her daughter from being hurt again. She then apologizes for being so defensive.

They talk about whether Bridget might be able to carry a baby to term. When Brooke suggests that Katie too might be able to have a baby, Katie denies it.

Later, Katie starts to head downstairs but stops at the top of the stairs to hear a determined Nick explaining to Bridget in forceful terms why he wants her to be his wife.

He pops open the ring box to show her a huge diamond engagement ring. Bridget agrees to marry him and the two kiss as a devastated Katie watches from above.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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