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The Bold and the Beautiful
Tuesday, July 8
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Showing off her ring, Bridget tells Eric, Brooke and Donna that she is so happy that Nick proposed to her. Eric assures her he's happy for her and knows that it will work this time.

He insists that she make the time to get measured for a Forrester Original wedding gown. Brooke pulls Donna out to the terrace where she guesses she's concerned about Katie.

Donna worries that Katie will be hurt by this but Brooke insists Katie is strong and can handle it. However, when Brooke learns that Katie is planning the entire wedding, Brooke confronts Bridget and asks how she can marry a man who must deal with Katie and her feelings for him.

Bridget assures her she doesn't feel insecure around Nick and Katie. Donna asks Katie about the wedding and when she admits she's going to be the maid of honor, Donna tells her she can't because she's in love with Nick.

Guessing she wants Nick for herself, Donna encourages her to be the bride instead of Bridget. Katie claims that if she did take Nick from Bridget, their relationship would be tainted forever.

She vows to be happy for them and warns Donna never to mention this again. Taylor's thrilled when Rick gives her a massage in bed and assures her that he is there to make her happy.

She worries about the years of "baggage" that she's bringing to their relationship but he insists she's everything he's ever wanted in a woman.

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