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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
June 12, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Donna reports to Brooke and the others that their father is stuck and couldn't make it to L.A. as planned.

Finding Bridget going to the computer to re-check Katie's latest blood sample for a second time, Nick grabs her and calms her down.

Brooke suggests that it's good that Katie is unconscious right now.

Later, Bridget bursts into the room with the news that Katie's latest blood test shows she's improving. Opening her eyes, Katie finds a "glowing" Nick staring at her and asks if she's in heaven.

When Thorne reports that sales are down, Ridge claims it's due to "cause and effect" while Felicia bluntly states that it's Donna's fault.

She explains that their customers saw Stephanie with Eric and then his marriage to Donna hit the society pages and caused sales to spiral downward.

Ridge mentions Jared sent over some critical stories that are going to end up being published. After Felicia states that Donna does not belong at Forrester, Marcus interrupts with a delivery for Eric.

Thorne takes it upon himself to introduce Marcus to everyone. After he leaves, Steffy points out that Donna recommended him which outrages Ridge, Thorne and Felicia.

Steffy insists he seems like a nice guy who works hard.

Handing them a report he's put together, Ridge gets everyone to agree to stick together as a force to kick Donna out of the company and bring Stephanie back.

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