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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 16 Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

While Nick and Bridget are thrilled that Katie's temperature is back to normal, Donna confesses to Brooke that she has a son.

She explains what happened in high school and then bemoans that she decided not to tell Eric the truth.

Brooke assures her that it was her decision to make and that Eric doesn't need to know right now but Donna reveals that her son works at Forrester.

Downstairs with his mother, Nick updates Jackie on Katie's condition and admits that he can't believe what he has just witnessed.

He goes on and on about how strong Katie is for surviving such a scare but then brags about all that Bridget did in making the miracle happen.

Talking with Katie, Bridget refuses to take credit for saving Katie's life and points out it's what doctors do.

Downstairs, Jackie urges Bridget not to sell herself short for what she did. Upstairs, Katie confesses her feelings to Nick.

Steffy apologizes to Marcus for asking him about his hiring at Forrester but he assures her he doesn't mind and jokes that he likes that she's interested in him.

Steffy then runs to Felicia, Ridge and Thorne to point out how little they know about the new hire. They're embarrassed when Marcus walks in and innocently asks if there is a problem.

After a call from Madison, Ridge sends him to see Brooke and Donna. When he enters Eric's office, Brooke tries to get rid of him and then is shocked to realize that he is Donna's son.

She apologizes and welcomes him to the family.

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