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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
Thurs., June 19

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Marcus is impressed with the new workout area on the roof of the Forrester building.

He meets Rick who explains how he's related to Donna.

When Ridge arrives, he quickly admits that he's not pleased with how Donna arranged for this new area without consulting with the Forrester family.

Rick points out that Eric gave the approval but Ridge is still not pleased. Brooke joins them and tells him about their concern for Beth who seems to have no interest in Katie's health.

After Brooke leaves, Ridge argues again with Rick about the cost of Donna's project, especially with the downturn in the economy.

Rick rubs in Ridge's face the fact that he's engaged to Taylor and helping her with Jack. Before he returns to work, Ridge warns Marcus not to "phone it in" because he's a friend of Donna's.

He also warns the new hire to stay away from Donna because she's trouble. Brooke chats with Katie about Beth and Katie sheepishly admits that there are some times when a girl needs her mom and this is one of them.

Jackie accompanies Nick on the private jet to Paris to find Beth. When he arrives at Beth's door, Nick is curious when she doesn't seem to recognize his name.

But when she welcomes him, Beth also states that she has an appointment and can't talk. Nick refuses to leave and asks why she has ignored Katie's calls for help.

What happens next on The Bold and the Beautiful? Find out tomorrow!

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