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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 23, 2008
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Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Nick convinces Beth to come back to Paris with Stephen to help Katie and the rest of the family, promising that she can have anything she wants to help her through this.

Beth asks for time to make the arrangements but Nick boasts that he's got his own jet and wants her on it tonight. On the jet, Nick insists that Beth call Katie to let her know that she's coming.

Back in L.A., Donna confides in Brooke and Katie that she's not quite ready to tell Eric about Marcus but both sisters warn her that someone else may tell Eric first. Katie blames herself for Beth staying away but Brooke and Donna suggest other reasons for her to stay away.

After Katie falls asleep, Brooke gets a call from Beth who admits she's coming to town. Brooke worries to Donna that she doesn't sound right and vows to find out why.

At Bikini Beach, Steffy pulls back before kissing Marcus and asks for more information about him. He jokes about getting "shot down" but then invites her to ask him any question she wants.

Instead, she talks about her relationship with her parents and admits it's weird to keep something from her father. Coming out onto the club's terrace, Phoebe overhears Steffy and Marcus talking.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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