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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

When Marcus questions Ridge about a shipment to Texas that's not listed, Ridge assures him there will be one, possibly two today.

Guessing "he knows," Marcus asks Steffy if she might have let slip with his secret. She denies it and when he considers going back to Texas, she blurts out that she doesn't want him to go.

Meanwhile, Ridge leaks to Stephanie that Donna has a son who is working at Forrester. Hearing Ridge has proof, Stephanie tells her son that she just wants Eric to be happy.

She adds that she knows Donna is no good for him. After ending her call for help, Beth overhears Brooke, Katie and Donna talking about how much they need their mother.

Beth is relieved when her friend calls with plane reservations for tomorrow. Brooke overhears and asks if she's leaving tomorrow. She asks how she can do this to Katie.

Stephen and Nick wonder why Beth doesn't seem like herself. Donna finds Marcus in the mail room and panics when he tells her about Ridge's ominous warning about the shipments back to Texas.

Donna decides that she's going to tell Eric about her son tonight. Eric finds Ridge, Thorne and Felicia in his office and warns them not to bash his wife.

Ridge starts by telling him about the media's reaction to his marriage to Donna. Eric isn't concerned so Ridge states that Donna has been lying to him. He goes on to report that Donna hired Marcus without a background check.

Eric starts to walk out so Ridge states that Marcus is Donna's son. Eric laughs at the idea but when Donna enters with Marcus, she confirms it. She pleads with him not to turn his back on them.

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