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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 30, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie chastises Beth for failing to tell them about the small strokes that she suffered "a while ago."

Beth somberly reports that she can never be the mother she once was for them.

Offering herself as proof, Katie argues that there is new research being done everyday and pleads with her not to quit searching for a solution.

She asks her to stay so that they can take care of her. Admitting she remembers very little about Storm, Beth can't face putting this burden on them and runs out.

Brooke complains to Stephen about Beth's decision to return to Paris so soon. Calling Beth's behavior confusing, he guesses it's his fault.

A frantic Katie interrupts and reports that Beth has left the building with car keys in hand. She leaks that Beth suffered a few strokes and is losing her memory.

Beth winds up at Brooke's house where she meets Hope for the first time. Hope assures her that she'll see her lots of times which makes Beth teary-eyed.

Back in the shipping department, Marcus boasts to Steffy that he's amazed that Eric accepted him into the family and blames it all on Donna's love.

He also thanks Steffy for supporting him and moves in to kiss her but stops himself. Steffy explains that her family blames Donna for breaking up Eric's marriage with Stephanie.

She laughs when he suggests that her family will call her "naughty" for the way she's befriended him.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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