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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 6.5.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful,

Refusing to start in management, Steffy announces to Ridge on her first day of work that she'll start at the bottom. He then assigns her to work in shipping and receiving.

Still on Catalina Island, a pouting Katie tells Nick that she regrets all she has failed to accomplish in her life as it draws to an end. When Nick hands her the pills she left on the boat, Katie claims she's at peace on the island and buries her pills in the sand.

Nick uncovers them and pushes her to take them. Pam secretly listens as Donna asks Eric to hire Marcus for an entry-level position.

While Eric welcomes Steffy back, she gives Donna the evil eye. Marcus arrives for his interview and Pam gives him a hard time about seeing Eric and Mrs. Forrester. He's caught off-guard when Eric asks him why he should hire him to work at the fashion company.

After Steffy urges him not to be afraid of the "old man," Eric hires Marcus and assigns him to work in shipping with Steffy. After Donna privately congratulates him, Steffy offers to show him the ropes around the company but fails to reveal that she's one of the family.

Pam's curiosity works overtime as she wonders about Marcus' connection with Donna. Meeting her for lunch, Ridge is sympathetic as Brooke talks about Katie's condition but is concerned that she's spending so much time with Nick.

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