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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
June 6, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Nick invites Katie to take her three pills one at a time.

Apologizing for giving him the burden, Katie tells Nick that she must rely on him to help her by allowing her not to take her pills because her sisters couldn't handle it.

Nick agrees but asks her to consider the consequences of her choice. Hinting that the island seems like a nice final place, Katie claims that Donna and Brooke will forgive her. He pleads with her to fight to live each day at a time and vows not to leave the island without her.

After taking her pills, Katie cries that she doesn't want to die. Marcus tells Steffy that it was "family stuff" that brought him to L.A. When he asks her about the family, she describes each to him.

He comments on her name and she remarks that he's funny.

After she returns to work, Marcus stops by to see Donna and reports that he made it through his first day. When he mentions how he hit it off with Steffy, she asks him to admire her from a distance.

Bridget explains to Brooke that an artificial heart won't work for Katie because they're used for short-term purposes and that there is no way they could find a better heart than Storm's.

Bridget complains that it's wrong for her to give Brooke false hope. Brooke wonders aloud if they can help Katie through her final days and assures Bridget that she's a wonderful daughter.

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