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The Bold and the Beautiful
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March 10, 2008

... Assuring her it's what Nicole would have wanted, Nick tells Bridget that she will be a part of Jack's life. As they suddenly kiss passionately, the doorbell rings and Katie interrupts. While Nick heads upstairs to make a call, Bridget leaks to Katie that they kissed. Nick's surprised to find only Katie watching Jack...

... Asking her to get off her knee, Ridge tells Brooke that while he wants to marry her, he's not going to do it until she has Nick completely out of her life. Felicia calls and chastises them for delaying the anniversary party. Brooke offers to stay behind and Ridge tells Stephanie, Brooke's absence is a gift from her. Kristen talks about how Stephanie and Eric have always been there for them as children and as adults...

... Thorne adds to the toast, wishing them much happiness and thanks for all they have done. Felicia continues the theme of thanks but asks them not to allow anything to come between them again. Stephanie announces that all she wanted was to spend the rest of her life with Eric. Thanking them all, Eric tells Stephanie that his mission in life is accomplished and calls Stephanie the most maddening person he's ever known...

... Admitting he loves her, Eric kisses Stephanie. Crying, Felicia pleads with Eric not to leave the family. Her dog parked outside the door, Pam blasts Donna for how she's embarrassed Eric ...

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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