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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
March 17, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke tells her son about her concern about Bridget getting involved with Nick again, Rick orders his mother to make up her mind about which man she wants. He also points out that Bridget is laying her heart out for Nick so she can't go near the guy right now.

Brooke again states that she doesn't think Bridget should be near Nick. When he admits that he's no longer with Ashley, Brooke is pleased and, hearing that he's with another lady, guesses that she must be "tailor- made" for him. Rick warns her that if she doesn't choose one, she may lose both men and be alone and bitter like Stephanie.

Bridget takes Nick upstairs to bed where they have sex. Nick admits his concern that someone might get hurt but Bridget assures him that all she wants them to think about is "right now."

Downstairs, Katie snoops around Nick's place and is impressed by what she finds.

Donna fears that she has been shot but Pam laughs and boasts that the gun is just a toy. Donna runs to Eric's office and finds Stephanie there. Donna tells her about the threat from the deranged Pam but Stephanie insists she's harmless and asks if Donna has been drinking.

Donna guesses that Pam is her lapdog following her orders. Pam interrupts and Stephanie asks if she threatened to kill her. Pam denies it. Leaving for a meeting, Stephanie advises Donna and Pam to work things out. Instead, Donna calls Pam a sociopath and physically throws her out of the office.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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