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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 3.26.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Rick is devastated to hear Taylor promise Ridge that she doesn't love Rick and she won't allow the relationship to become intimate. After Ridge leaves, Rick brings her the flowers as he lays out what he hoped would be a romantic dinner for them.

Asserting he has real feelings for her, Rick asks if she's been "playing him." Denying it, Taylor explains that they can't have a future together as a couple because they know it isn't right. Taylor mentions how Phoebe would resent her. Rick makes another plea for her and kisses her, urging her to "enjoy the moment."

Affected by his kiss, Taylor admits she can't let this happen and suggests that he leave. Ridge warns Brooke that he thinks whatever is happening between Rick and Taylor is real. Brooke blasts him for not being able to get through to Taylor and can't believe that he would allow Taylor to sleep with her son.

Ridge claims he doubts the relationship will last but when Brooke continues to stew, Ridge finally tells her that Taylor assured him that they are just friends. As Pam laughs from outside the door she forced shut, Donna cries out when she can't escape from the spray tanning booth. The clerk finally frees Donna who runs off.

After she complains to the bemused clerk, Donna returns to Forrester where Eric is stunned to see how dark she is. As she cries in his arms, Pam interrupts with some chicken she made for him and admires her handiwork. Pam then checks the date book and learns Donna has an appointment tomorrow for a hair dye.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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