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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 3/27/08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Rick reports to Brooke that she got her wish now that Taylor has announced their relationship is over. Brooke defends her actions but Rick blasts her for sending Ridge over to "work his magic" on Taylor. Pointing out that she has never approved of any woman he dated, Rick warns that he's not giving up on Taylor.

Taylor's pleased when James stops by but as she talks with him about Rick and how she may have fallen in love with him, she realizes that she wants a relationship with him. He encourages her to tell him everything she has told him. Taylor decides to write a letter to Rick, admitting her feelings for him. When Rick reads a typed letter, he's thrilled to discover the anonymous writer realizes she loves him and looks forward to the promised night together at Taylor's place.

When he arrives, Rick is shocked when Phoebe emerges and confirms that she typed the letter to him. Pam enjoys it when Donna arrives at the office, bundled up to try to hide her tanning "accident." Telling Pam that Jared is coming in to interview him and Donna, Eric orders her to call the reporter to make sure no photographer attends. When Raphael arrives to do Donna's hair, Pam manages to switch his bottle of hair dye. As he goes to work, Donna decides to use a teeth whitener at the same time. Later, when Raphael removes the foil strips from her hair, Pam notices his reaction and screams as she looks into a mirror.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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