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Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, James testifies about the questionable actions of Taylor. However, he also states that Taylor is a great psychiatrist and mother who has already raised three children. Storm redirects, asking James to confirm that Taylor is an alcoholic. He insists James talk about Taylor drinking again.

James insists that Taylor is doing the best she can to control her troubles. Brooke is next on the stand and tells the judge her concerns for Jack and the strange surprise wedding Taylor tried to arrange. Taylor's lawyer forces Brooke to admit she hasn't seen Taylor take a drink and she hasn't married Ridge yet.

Brooke's also forced to admit she signed a document relinquishing anything to do with Taylor's baby. Nick takes the stand and announces that he thinks the safest and best choice is for Taylor not to have anything to do with their son. Eric startles Donna by announcing that he is staying with Stephanie.

However, he quickly explains that while he has agreed to celebrate their anniversary with the family, he intends to leave her after the party is over so they can start planning their wedding. Felicia suspects she has a scheme in mind as Stephanie seems unconcerned about what Eric will do after their anniversary.

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