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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Part One
Brooke pulls back from kissing Rick and admits she's going crazy because she's turning to her enemy's son. Rick insists he's just trying to help and puts his cellphone number in her phone so that she can reach him easily and quickly. Phoebe arrives and asks what he's doing there. Hearing about his support, Phoebe thanks Rick for helping her mother and then heads back to the dorm to study again. Catching her at Nick's place again, Ridge directs Brooke to leave with him but Nick orders him to back off.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Part Two
Ridge argues with him until Brooke leaves with Ridge. Finding Bridget depressed over Taylor losing her baby today, Katie urges her to go to Nick and tell him that he's not alone. When she arrives and offers her help with the baby, he relates that Brooke was there but left with "the dressmaker." At home Ridge lays into Brooke for forcing him to go to Nick's to bring her home. Brooke argues that she needed to be there for Jack's sake and he confirms that he knows about her concern for Taylor and Nick's baby.

Brooke states she is Jack's biological mother but he warns she's going to lose him if she keep running over to Nick's. He decides that if she is going to choose him, she must cut Nick and Jack out of her life.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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