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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5.2.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie signs their divorce papers but tells Eric what's happened to Katie has given her a new perspective. Eric remarks how great she's been to the Logan family.

Stephanie guesses that Donna won't want to have the wedding tomorrow and then shows Eric she's prepared the 4th edition of the "How to be Mrs. Eric Forrester" manual.

Ridge sees Eric with the signed divorce papers and is encouraged to sense that Eric's beginning to have second thoughts about marrying Donna. Eric points out how surprised he is by the change in Stephanie so Ridge urges him to postpone the event so that he can take time to think about his true feelings.

Dr. Patrick informs Bridget that none of the antibiotics is doing any good to help Katie fight the rejection of her new heart. Brooke tells Katie that they had Storm's body creamated and will hold a memorial service once she's out of the hospital.

Katie whispers to Donna that she wants her sister to marry Eric tomorrow. Donna wants to focus on Katie getting better but Katie claims this will help her. When Katie starts struggling to take a breath, the family panics while Katie remembers Storm's final words and uses them to get her heart rate back to normal.

Stephanie is surprised to find Donna at home. Donna explains Katie's request and wonders if she should go ahead with the wedding tomorrow. Stephanie hands her the manuscript she prepared but Donna wonders if she should even open the envelope.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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