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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 5.20

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Bridget takes the baby for his bath. Katie promises Nick that she'll leave so he and Bridget can be alone on their first night together.

Nick points out that will be difficult since Eric and Donna are coming over. Donna hides the photo of Marcus as Eric returns. She promises him that she has everything she's ever dreamed of having.

After they arrive at Nick's place, Katie uncovers the photo Donna's been hiding and forces the story of Marcus out of her. Donna explains that this stranger asked if he was her son and confides that she told their mother and Storm that she had a baby in high school.

Katie remembers that she was away with their aunt for awhile and gets her to admit she had a son she gave up for adoption. Donna snaps that she knows who the father is but then cries about the many times she has thought about her son.

When Rick greets her half-naked, Taylor claims they can't have sex until they've told her daughter about their relationship. Hearing Phoebe won't be home until tomorrow, Rick kisses her.

Marcus ends up sharing a table with Phoebe at the Insomnia. After she talks about her hopes for the boyfriend she rejected, Phoebe heads home unexpectedly and catches her mother in bed with Rick.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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