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The Bold and the Beautiful
May 21 Episode Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

With Donna and Katie downstairs, Nick stops kissing Bridget and complains that he can't concentrate on her while there are others in the house. Refusing to name the father, Donna tells Bridget that while she knows who the father is, she thinks it's irrelevant now.

She cries that giving up the baby "hurt like hell" but that she knew it was the right thing to do for the baby's sake. Bridget stops Nick in bed and remembers that she's got to apply some cream to Katie's chest scar. He offers to take it downstairs and when he does, he catches Katie staring in a mirror at her lengthy scar.

Seeing the bottle, Katie offers to put the medicine on herself but then changes her mind when he worries that her scar might change her. As he applies the liquid, she holds his hand only to be interrupted by Bridget.

Shocked to find Taylor in bed with a shirtless Rick, Phoebe blasts her mother for lying to her and accuses her of seducing Rick. He sets her straight that this was his idea and Taylor explains that Rick has been very supportive during her time of need.

Rick claims that his feelings for her grew into love and reminds Phoebe that she walked out of his life. Admitting how devastated he was, Rick insists that he moved on with his life and fell into the very special relationship he has now with Taylor.

Crying, Phoebe demands that this can't happen since it will spoil the memories that she has. She asks her mother to end things and after Rick begs her not to, Taylor announces that it's over because she won't hurt Phoebe.

Without saying a word, Rick walks out.

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