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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge asks Brooke what her sister brings to the family business. Eric complains to Stephanie about his children badmouthing Donna and insists that her "business acumen" will come with time.

Insisting that he trusts his wife completely, Eric assures her that there will be no scandals. When the kids return to greet Stephanie, Brooke points out that only she supports Eric. Thorne guesses that Donna is going to want kids which will divide Eric's loyalties even further.

Admitting they haven't talked about it, Eric assures them that there won't be anymore children in the family. Unimpressed, Ridge and the others including Ashley urge Eric to take time off and spend it with Donna if he wants. Stephanie's astounded to realize that they want him to retire which angers Eric.

Ridge claims it's time for him, Thorne and Felicia to take control of the company and Thorne claims that none of them will work with Donna. Eric reaches a deal by vowing to step down if Donna should bring "shame" to the family. As she calls him "my baby," Donna cries as she embraces Marcus.

She also claims that not a day has gone by that she hasn't thought of him, especially on his birthday, July 9. He asks why she never looked for him and asks for the name of his father.

Failing to tell him, Donna insists it's complicated and admits that she never told the guy she was pregnant. Marcus becomes angry and guesses she never really wanted him in her life. As he walks out, she cries out for him to come back.

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